What we get out of Costumers With A Cause

There is no pay great enough for what one gets out of volunteering for a person in need. The gratitude extended is always enough “payment” coming from the person or cause we go to lend our time for. However, that is never the only thing we get. There is a feeling deep inside that no monetary value can be placed upon when you see the smile of a sick child appear on a face they say they haven’t seen for a while, the light brighten in their eyes, their spirit begin to dance within them, and the excitement. But there is also another feeling we get, we get to know that we made a difference that day. Maybe not to a lot of people, but for that one person, or that once cause or event, we did. We also made a difference in ourselves because we now have within us the memory…and it comes back to that feeling of which sometimes there is no word to describe.