931216_4729356433844_290896025_nWe come out for Fund Raising Events for individual people. This would be so that those who came to your event could get photos with our volunteer members of Costumers With A Cause and spend some time speaking with them. Keep in mind that most of our volunteers make and piece together their own costumes! Pretty cool, huh?!

UIC childrens cancer ward 2014Yes! We do make special appearances! Keep in mind, however, that all of our Costumers With A Cause members are volunteers and they work and live in various places. This means we do our best to accommodate requests for special characters and to be at the events we are requested to be at, but sometimes those days and times don’t work well with the character(s) which is being requested. The best way to get the character you want to your special event is to provide us with as much notice as possible. Please also provide us with as much detail as possible for what you expect from those you are requesting. Thank you!

942106_4725931148214_2073530208_nWe love coming out for Charity Support Events! While we do out best to provide characters that are requested ( if specifically requested), please consider our volunteer members live and work in various places and their schedules may not always match an event they are being requested to attend. All of our volunteers are amazing individuals with kind and caring hearts, we promise to do our best to ensure those are your Charity Event have a good time.

10549051_814054168626601_4444137040131396998_oYou might be asking “what is a Misc. Request”. Good question! Occasionally we will be asked to come out for something we have never heard of or done before. For instance, maybe a parade of some sort accompanying your float. Hey, it’s possible! If what you would like our volunteers to come out for doesn’t fall under any the previous tabs, it probably falls under this one! In which case, we recommend you contact us using the “contact us” link below our banner. We will respond as soon as we can. Sometimes emails have issues, so please, provide us with an alternate email or a phone number just in case. Thank you!

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