Brianne Whipple- Central Oregon Branch Head

Bree Snow White

I guess you could say I’m the original member of CWC Midwest besides the founders. My parents started CWC before they even knew how big it would become and I thought it was amazing. It still is amazing and it’s growing so rapidly. I came from Aurora, IL, but in 2015, I moved to Oregon, and I promised my parents that I would  continue their legacy and stretch their reach from one side of the country to the other as I found out that they’d be moving to Florida.

Now I’ve started my own branch out here, and repeating the steps that my parents took when we were starting in Illinois. I hope to follow their in their footsteps and gradually build this up, as I’m used to following them and now I’ll be leading, coordinating, and growing my own branch. I’m super excited to start helping again after getting myself situated for two years.

Here are some questions that we hope will allow you to get to know Bree a little better:

What got you interested in joining CWC?
Well, my dad started cosplaying for conventions when I was a little girl, and the idea of dressing up as someone awesome and getting pictures taken for it felt really cool to me. The year after he started, I got involved and have been cosplaying since. So it was only natural that when he started dressing up as Wolverine, Superman, and Captain America for walks, I was there as his X-23, Supergirl, and sometimes his photographer once I picked up a camera. It was fun for me, made people at the events have a unique experience, and supported a good cause.
What was your favorite CWC event?
I think my favorite event was one Kids in Capes event where around the walk were stations with activities for the kids to participate in. Super heroes and villains alike helped encourage the kids to have fun. I didn’t  have a recognizable costume that day, but we had picked up a ninja outfit from a local party store, and I donned that instead. During the walk, I would run around to different stations and try  to ‘sneakily’ (aka obviously) spy on the kids. when they noticed me, they would point me out and try to stop me from getting close to the games. It was like a game of hide and seek where I got to have fun, be creative, and help the kids have a little more fun in my own way without being Iron Man or Poison Ivy.
What do you do outside of CWC?
For my current job, I’m a caregiver for a kind woman. In my spare time, however, I write music, draw, make cosplay costumes, play video games, and encourage my boyfriend to cosplay with me. I’ll be going to school soon to continue my music theory education and follow my career path to become a composer.
Are there any causes or charities that have special meaning to you?
There are a lot, actually. My previously-mentioned boyfriend has Type 1 Diabetes, and it affects him every second of every minute of every day. He has to constantly be on top of his blood sugars. Going two high or dropping too low are both very dangerous times for him, and it’s scary when something does go wrong to make him too weak to move. I’ve also recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which has few treatment options and makes it hard to get around. I’m on so many pain meds daily that, though I used to have terrible issues with taking pill medicines, I can easily swallow them now. However, I’ve started thinking about costumes that I can portray on days when I might be confined to a wheelchair if the event is too stressful on my body, and have recently made a costume for a character I never thought I’d portray – Ariel from The Little Mermaid; Mermaid form, of course.
We are very grateful to have Bree as part of our Leadership team and know she will do well with the Branch in Central Oregon! Thank you for all you do, Bree!
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