Another Big Success for our St Jude Research Hospital Fund Raiser!

night at the museum 2016

Wow! What an event! The weather wasn’t the best, in fact, for some of our volunteers who traveled hours to come out to this event, it was down right dangerous! But that didn’t stop them or visitors supporting our event from coming out for cars, characters, fun, and photos!

We had our goal to raise $3000 for the St. Jude Research Hospital. Thank you to Weaver Consultants Group for their donation of $500! Though we were $82 shy of hitting that goal, we are still incredibly proud of the funds that were raised to help these children in need.

This is the one night Brian Grams, owner of the Volo Auto Museum allows the doors to be open after dark in the “Night at the Museum”. Doors are open from 7-9pm and as soon as they open, the fun begins! This event is definitely an all ages event and our volunteers are very professional in their characters and enjoy interacting with the visitors, taking photos and just having a great time!

We are always interested in sponsorhip donations of raffle items to promote your business and monetary donations which will also get your business name mentioned here on our website and we’ll also tweet your donation as well! Or, if you are a celebrity and are willing to donate your time

Here are some of the photos from this years event. Photos were taken by Chrystine Shelton and Mary Jo Chrabasz  

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